Month: May 2015

Measuring the night sky

On the road with Daniel Verschatse, owner of the Hacienda and founder of its observatory. Daniel is measuring the darkness of the night sky to preserve the valley’s dark sky as an international dark sky reserve. The red light in the image is for visual effects only. During the actual measurements no lights are allowed. The imags shows the bright band of the Milky Way along with our satellite galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud (the fuzzy spot right behind Daniel).

The City

Some impressions from a quick trip to Santiago that entailed a total of 18 hours on different buses and in various cabs.  

Moonlight Effects

Yes, we do have clouds here. And if the moon joins them they can create interesting effects such as a moon halo or a lunar corona. A moon halo is a large ring (with a radius of approx. 22 °) around the moon. A lunar corona is much smaller and consists of several concentric colored rings around the moon.