Month: June 2015


Perfect conditions at a local reservoir to catch the lovely conjunction of the three brightest objects of the night sky: Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.   *A close-up view of the threesome.   *For this image 202 individual frames were digitally combined. *The night sky photographer enjoying the magnificent setting.  

The Milky Way

A three-minute tracked exposure of the Scorpius and Sagittarius region of our Milky Way. The brillant orange star near the center is Antares, the bright dot to its right the ring planet Saturn.

Heavenly Conjunction

A match made in heaven the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, pair up in the evening sky. They are getting closer each day untilĀ  June 30th, when they will be just 1/3 of a degree apart (less than the diameter of the Moon). And, if you have clear skies on June 20th, watch out for a threesome when the crescent Moon joins the show.