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Supermoon Eclipse

On the evening of September 27, 2015, we were lucky to witness the eclipse of a Supermoon. A full moon is referred to as a Supermoon when it is closest to the Earth and therefore is a tiny bit larger and brighter than a regular full moon.¬†Lunar eclipses of Supermoons are relatively rare. The last one took place in 1982 and the next one will be in 2033. Here in Oregon (USA) we missed the first part of the eclipse (first and second contact) as the moon was still below the horizon. However, we got treated to a nice total phase, which began at the horizon and gradually made its way up. [Just click on the pictures below for a larger image.] Our location with an unobstructed view of Mount Hood, Oregon’s highest mountain (3429 m).   It was a beautiful location, but – we were not alone. In fact, we were joined by dozens of fellow lunar enthusiasts. Ready for action. Shortly before moonrise. There is a bit of haze at the horizon, making …

Dee Wright Observatory

Daybreak at the Dee Wright Observatory, an observation structure built of lava rock, at the summit of the McKenzie Pass (1623 m) in Oregon. * The waning crescent moon and Venus pairing up at dawn. *¬† The Belt of Venus and Earth’s shadow.

On the road

An observant traveler through Oregon’s countryside will notice a fair amount of old cars and trucks hanging out on front lawns, pastures or fields. But only very few are as picturesque as this one, which features the Three Sister’s as a backdrop.